The Investown membership is here! Get up to 1% p.a. as a bonus on your investment

With Investown membership, you'll enter the world of investing with benefits!

In addition to bonus returns on every new investment, you'll get access to Premium projects, podcast and media subscriptions, or a personal invitation to meet with Investown management.

How do you get the Investown membership? The size of your portfolio determines the membership level. Check out the requirements for each level below!

The Investown membership offers exclusive benefits

Evaluate your money and get extra benefits!

Get wealthier as your Investown membership and the value of your portfolio grow. You'll start enjoying the benefits from the Active level, but all benefits and bonuses will be revealed in the Premium 4 membership level. 

Portfolio od 0 Kč
Portfolio od 10 000 Kč
Bonus 0,2 % p.a.
Premium 1
Portfolio od 50 000 Kč
Bonus 0,4 % p.a.
VIP projekty
Q&A s CEO Investownu
Premium 2
Portfolio od 200 000 Kč
Bonus 0,6 % p.a.
VIP projekty
Q&A s CEO Investownu
Předplatné podcastů
Premium 3
Portfolio od 500 000 Kč
Bonus 0,8 % p.a.
VIP projekty
Q&A s CEO Investownu
Předplatné podcastů
Exkluzivní eventy
Premium 4
Portfolio od 1 000 000 Kč
Bonus 1,0 % p.a.
VIP projekty
Q&A s CEO Investownu
Předplatné podcastů
Exkluzivní eventy
Concierge služba
Portfolio from CZK 0
Portfolio from CZK 10,000
0.2% p.a. bonus on new projects
Premium 1
Portfolio from CZK 50,000
0.4% p.a. bonus on new projects
Premium projects
Online meetings with our CEO
Premium 2
Portfolio from CZK 200,000
0.6% p.a. bonus on new projects
Premium projects
Online meetings with our CEO
Exclusive live events
Premium 3
Portfolio from CZK 500,000
0.8% p.a. bonus on new projects
Premium projects
Online meetings with our CEO
Exclusive live events
Podcast and media subscriptions
Premium 4
Portfolio from CZK 1,000,000
1% p.a. bonus on new projects
Premium projects
Online meetings with our CEO
Exclusive live events
Podcast and media subscriptions
Personal assistant at your service
Bonus return

Investors with Active membership level or higher will receive a bonus return of 0.2-1% p.a. In the project overview, you will see what part of the return is basic and what part is a bonus.

Premium projects

Premium investment projects can only be accessed by investors with Premium 1 membership level and higher; other investors will not be able to invest in them. The same goes for projects offered on the Investown Marketplace.

Online meetings with the CEO Alan Pock

Several times a year, we host online meetings with the Investown management. Investors with a Premium 1 membership level and higher will be invited to attend. You will learn important updates from Investown firsthand, and you can ask our CEO questions. 

Podcast and media subscriptions

You'll get subscriptions to popular podcasts and media once you reach a Premium 3 membership level or higher. First up is the Insider podcast. We'll send you a unique code to enter when you sign up for the podcast. Enjoy!

Exclusive live events

Users with a Premium 2 membership level and higher can look forward to an invitation to a personal meeting with Investown management, leading Czech investors, and other interesting guests. These events will take place in the form of a private reception. The guests will gain inspiration and enjoy good food and drink during the event.

Concierge service

Premium investors deserve special treatment. Therefore, users with the highest Premium 4 membership level can use the Concierge telephone assistance service 5 days a week (from 9 am to 5 pm). For example, you can contact them with the following requests:

  • finding accommodation
  • gift tips (e.g., for birthdays or Christmas)
  • ordering and delivery of flowers
  • tips for activities abroad
  • restaurant reservations
  • finding doctors and checking availability
  • booking services such as beauty treatments, hair dressing or courier services
  • and much more
How to reach higher membership levels?

Simply by investing more money to increase the value of your Investown portfolio. You will receive your first benefit (bonus return) as soon as you have invested at least CZK 10,000.

Get Premium benefitsZískat Premium hned teď

Let's clarify the details

You mention that the membership level depends on the value of the portfolio. What should I understand by this?
The current portfolio value is the total of all active investments. You can find it in the Portfolio section ("Portfolio Value" field).
How do I know that I have reached a higher level of membership?
Once you reach a specific membership level, we will send you an email. The shift in level occurs immediately after the portfolio value changes.
Can my membership drop from a higher level to a lower level?
Yes, you can move up and down through the membership levels. You move up to a higher level by investing a certain amount and down to a lower level by selling your investment or successfully completing the project.
I meet the requirements for Active membership level or higher. Will I get a bonus interest on my investment if I buy it on the Marketplace?
Yes, the bonus interest also applies to projects offered on the Marketplace. Valid for projects listed after April 18, 2024.
What happened to the original Premium program?
As we have launched a new Investown membership program, the original Premium program has been discontinued.
Does the bonus also apply to old projects? What about participation projects?
The bonus return is only applied to new projects listed on the platform after April 18, 2024. The user will see this in the Bonus Entitlement Yes/No field in the project detail.
What about old Premium projects with a bonus that should be paid when the investment opportunity is ended?
We let these projects run their course. Users who have invested in these projects will still receive the bonus at the end of the investment period (after the investment has matured).
I used to be a Premium investor, but after the introduction of the new Investown membership, I am no longer one. Why?
Previously, the level of membership was based on the number of investments. Now, it is based on the current portfolio value.
How will my membership level change when the project ends?
At the end of the project, the portfolio value is reduced as the invested amount (loan's principal) is sent back to your Investown wallet. In this case, you can move to a lower membership level.
If a project's interest payment is delayed and, in the meantime, my membership level changes, what bonus return will I receive?
The size of the bonus return will be determined by your membership level on the date the return is actually paid out (not the date the payout should have occurred).
If I invest in a Premium project as a Premium investor, what happens if my membership level drops?
Your investment will remain, but you will not be able to reinvest in the Premium project (increase your investment) if your membership level drops. 

Tearing down barriers to the best investments

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