Investown makes real estate investments available to everyone, without having to have millions in their account. We created the application so that everyone has the opportunity to create a passive income.

Investown is an online platform with real estate investment loans. Just choose from the offered investments and invest as little as CZK 500.
Investown is a Czech project that is being developed by a number of experts from both the IT world and the real estate and banking world. One of the main investors in the project is Seed Starter of Česká spořitelna.
After you decide to invest, you will receive a proportionate share of the profit on your Investown account every month. The more you invest, the more you get.
The yield range is from 3% p.a. up to 6% p.a., depending on the investment of your choice. The average yield is around 4.2% p.a.
Every investment comes with certain risks. The main advantage of Investown is that each investment loan is secured by a specific property, of your choice. We still recommend diversifying your investments and getting acquainted with the possible risks of investing. You can find out more about the risks in the General Terms and Conditions on Participation in Loans.


Investown finances apartments with great potential. Thanks to an advanced algorithm, we can identify such apartments on the real estate market that have a high and stable yield in the long run.
The properties added to the application are after reconstruction and with a tenant.
Investown does not sell the property after the investment term has ended, but will create a new investment round for you, which you can re-enter. We want to provide you with long-term income, which will continue to increase due to rising rents.

The investment term

After registration, you can send your money to your Investown account. The money must be sent from a bank account held in your name and with your variable symbol, which you will receive after creating your Investown account. After you deposit money, all you have to do is choose the investment and choose how much you want to invest, that’s all. The investment will be added to your portfolio and you will start earning.
You can offer the investment for sale at any time, and as soon as our finances are available, we will buy it from you for a fee of 0.9%. The sale is usually made within 24 hours.
Just go to the My Account section and enter withdrawal details. The money will be sent back to your bank account. Expect your money within 3 days of submitting the withdrawal.
The smallest amount to be invested is CZK 500, and the highest amount is CZK 300,000.
The money is automatically sent to your Investown account every month. From there, you can either send them to your bank account or reinvest them to expand your portfolio.


Yes, if they are EU residents. They must have a bank account with a Czech bank and maintained in Czech crowns.

Income from participation is subject to taxation like any other income. Every year we will prepare a summary of your expenses and income for Investown.

Investment income obtained on the Investown platform is subject to income tax as other income under Section 10 of the Income Tax Act. The tax base is the difference between income (= return and returned investment amount at the end of the investment) and expenses (= invested amount and any fees), with the proviso that expenses that exceed income in a given year can be claimed in subsequent years. (Czech law translation)


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